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Trimaris was borne of a Book, a Knight, and a Student.

Fitting our mandates rather well, wouldn't you say ? The Broken Sword by Poul Anderson, known in the Society as Sir Bela of Eastmarch, and Paul Camp, later to be known as Erich Manfred Friederich Wilhelm von Rabenskalt und von Kampf, a graduate student in Tampa, later to be known as Wyvernwoode.

Paul's letter to Sir Bela, who had Referenced the Society in his book, resulted in Erich's becoming, what was to be, Trimaris' first S.C.A. Member on July 30, 1971.

Later peregrinations, and machinations centered mostly around the University of South Florida resulted in Wyvernwoode's first Event, ALL HALLOWS REVEL, October 28, 1972. By this time the Shire's allegiance had been shifted from the East Kingdom (New York) to the kingdom of Atenveldt (Arizona - go figure!)

With Erich as Seneschal, Sir Kopel as heraulde, who had previously been Brigantia Principal Herald of the East, Hewlin of Fenland, a refugee from the Barony of Draconia (Baton Rouge), and other early worthies: Warjna zem Lyscil, Alrick von Baeker, Sieglinde von Truso, John Shark, Mandrigal of Mu, and Aleana of Dunsae the Shire flourished and boasted some twenty members the first year.

Participation in the City of Tampa Celebration 74 in September marked the effective end of The First Generation.

Although official reporting was maintained, no activity was evidenced until Spring 1975 when Tetsuo Sakura, Kimineko Sakura, and Taliesynne moved to Wyvernwoode. There was by then a viable group in Pensacola, Sirenia, later to become Arenal, now in Meridies. Thence was birthed The Second Generation resulting in Wyvernwoode's elevation to Baronial Rank October 31, 1976. But that story of how Taliesynne became the Founding Baron Wyvernwoode, Tetsuo and Kimineko founded the Barony of An Crosaire, and Erich, Trimaris' First Citizen, came to be the Fifth Baron of Wyvernwoode – is for another time.

Taliesynne Nychymwrh yr Anghyfannedd Llanrhyddlad copyright 1998, 2013 k.r.j. cason

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